Finserve VFS Details

Finserve VFS

FinServeVFS is a basically design and development on Tally.ERP9/Prime for small and medium level enterprises who provide vehicle loan (Car Loan, Two Wheeler Loan, Three Wheeler loan, Heavy Vehicle Loan etc ) to their customers.

Advantage of FinServeVFS:

  •  Quick and comprehensive assessment of borrowers.
  •  Auto interest calculation- Flat Rate/ Reducing Balance with Fixed EMI/IRR Calculation   Method.
  •  Generate loan disbursement automatically.
  •  Penalty option is available on overdue days.
  •  Simple and easy installment receipts. Easy steps to Re-arrange and Top Up on loan   Foreclosure option is available for prior installment collection.
  •  Insurance Management.
  •  Many types of reports are available to find the borrower's current outstandings, company   portfolio, total disbursement, total recovery, risk percentage, CIBIL etc.